Our Mission

We strive to provide high-quality consulting services to our clients while simultaneously offering hands-on professional training to our consultants and empowering the local entrepreneurial community.


Our story

The Biotechnology and Life Sciences Advising (BALSA) Group is a nonprofit organization that provides consulting services for a variety of clients, ranging from individual faculty members up through multinational corporations. BALSA specializes in market research, technology assessment, competitor analysis, business plan development, and consumer-facing materials. Consultants come from diverse backgrounds, including postdoctoral research fellows, Ph.D. students, pharmacy students, law students, and MBA students in the St. Louis region.


Number of Clients

BALSA has engaged with more than 132 independent clients since 2011. Our clients include startups, universities, mid-large size companies, nonprofit groups, and business incubators.


Number of Projects

BALSA has completed more than 210 projects since its inception. The majority of our projects are focused on biomedical sciences; however, we have experience in a wide array of fields, including real estate, supply chains, and agricultural sciences.


Number of Returning Clients

BALSA's high number of returning clients is a testament to the quality of our work. Since 2011, 38% of our projects come from returning clients. We strive to deliver high-quality services and build a strong rapport with our clients.


Our Capabilities

We provide data-driven solutions to promote the sustained growth of emerging technologies and scalable businesses. We specialize in market research, product innovation, intellectual property and licensing, preparation of investor facing materials, technology assessment, and business strategy. We focus primarily on the biomedical field; however, we also offer services in other fields, including agriculture, real estate, and supply chains. 

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Our Team

Our team members come from a myriad of backgrounds, including several branches of biological sciences, engineering, business, law, medicine, and pharmacy.  BALSA harnesses the analytical power of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers by applying their systematic critical thinking skills to business problems in order to generate innovative, data-driven solutions for clients.


Join Us

BALSA offers a unique opportunity to supplement academic training with real-world experience in business to develop transferrable professional skills.


As our team members gain valuable real-world experience in the business of science with BALSA, they also find success in their academic careers. A recent 6-year retrospective study indicated that BALSA members not only graduated slightly earlier, but also achieved more publication during their Ph.D. careers.  After graduation, BALSA alumni enjoy success in different career paths including academia, consulting, and industry. 


Our Impact

BALSA strives to have a meaningful impact within the St. Louis  entrepreneurial community. Through our philanthropic arm, The BALSA Foundation, we provide financial and professional support to first-time entrepreneurs in St. Louis. 



Dollars Donated

BALSA has donated over $68,000 to The BALSA Grant to support first-time entrepreneurs in the St. Louis region. 



Entrepreneurs Impacted

We have helped fund more than 57 first-time entrepreneurs in the St. Louis region through The BALSA Grant. 



Years Serving Communities

Through our philanthropic arm, The BALSA Foundation, we have helped support local entrepreneurs for more than 4 years.