Technology Assessment

We assess innovations at various stages of development and provide assistance to our clients in navigating the next stages of commercialization of their technology. See below for examples of previous projects BALSA has completed. 

Plant-inspired biofuels

Our team evaluated potential target markets for a plant-based organic biosynthesis technique. The analysis benchmarked the technology relative to existing methods based upon production costs, established markets, past stability of the markets, intellectual property protections, international regulatory hurdles, and recent scientific discoveries. Our results helped the inventor focus on the highest potential target market and prioritize secondary markets. The recommendations featured strategies for addressing major barriers to entry and highlighted key milestones for technology development.

Computer algorithm that predicts material failure

BALSA consultants evaluated the technical strengths and weaknesses of a novel motion tracking and registration algorithm. The technology was compared to gold-standard digital image correlation techniques and technical advantages were used to identify potential competitors and licensees across eight industry applications. Our results revealed this algorithm was a novel method to calculate local strain and crack propagation and could be leveraged in various industries. The recommendations helped the client narrow target applications, establish goals for new research and development, and develop a strong value proposition for the technology.