Product Innovation

We identify unmet and under-served market needs, and help clients understand how to optimize their products to leverage these opportunities. See below for examples of previous projects BALSA has completed. 

Material testing and product design for a sports technology

BALSA consultants created technology development and testing plans for a novel sporting good. Our team provided a materials testing roadmap and determined appropriate material parameter windows for the stiffness, friction, thermal contraction and expansion coefficients, and flight path characteristics for a projectile. Our plans included appropriate tests to quantify each material parameter and identified leading experts to consult for specific evaluations. The recommendations centered on engaging with research partners and developing key relationships for downstream sales and marketing.

Limitations and solutions for a plant genetics field test

Our team evaluated potential opportunities and threats to developing mobile genetic testing technologies. The assessment compared and contrasted options for field testing of plant genetics in a remote environment, identified practical limitations to field implementation of current technology, and suggested key technical modifications. Our analysis provided cost estimates for all proposed solutions and work-arounds for technological uncertainties. The recommendations helped our client prioritize appropriate field-testing technologies to pursue.