IP and Licensing

We assess the ability of novel technologies to enter a market for first-time entrepreneurs and technology transfer offices, aiding them to decide on intellectual property options. See below for examples of previous projects BALSA has completed. 

Invention disclosure assessment for academic institution

In an ongoing partnership, BALSA consultants evaluate the commercialization potential for inventions disclosed to the Office of Technology Management at Washington University in St. Louis. Our teams conduct technology assessments for inventions ranging from novel therapeutics to chemical isotope enrichment processes. Our assessments quantify market size and determine relevant market segments, evaluate the stage of technology development, and identify commercial opportunities and barriers to market entry. The recommendations inform OTM on decisions to pursue patent protection for the disclosed technology.

Intellectual property options for first-time entrepreneur

Our team evaluated possible licensing, optioning, and purchasing opportunities for a university-owned patent developed by the client. Our analysis centered on a comprehensive survey of options to claim patent rights and estimated the viability of each scenario in Tech Transfer Office negotiations. The recommendations focused on strategies to access university-owned intellectual property and build a company around a strong IP portfolio.