Investor Facing Materials

We provide assistance in the creation and formulation of materials such as pitch decks and brochures, which our clients can present to potential investors. See below for examples of previous projects BALSA has completed. 

Pitch deck formulation

BALSA consultants designed versatile and visually appealing investor pitch deck for a web application company. The pitch deck content included market size projections, quantitative market segmentation, and financial projections assuming conservative and aggressive technology adoption rates. Our analysis assisted the client in understanding target markets, key competitive technologies, and significant barriers to end-user uptake. The recommendations were incorporated into the client’s investor presentation and focused app development on the needs of key customer segments.

Website and promotional brochure content creation and design

BALSA consultants identified a set of essential components for a biotechnology company’s website by benchmarking against successful companies’ sites. Our assessment guided development of the technology descriptions and product framing necessary to attract potential investors and end-users alike. Building on the initial website design, our team developed promotional brochures including graphics and content specifically tailored to the client’s target market. The recommendations on shaping the company’s value proposition were incorporated into the client’s marketing and advertising strategies.