Tabbetha Bohac

Congratulations to Tabbetha Bohac on being named our Outstanding Consultant for the first quarter of 2017!

Tabbetha is currently a second-year PhD student in the Chemistry Program at Washington University-St. Louis focusing on organic chemistry with an emphasis on the study of bacterial virulence and combatting antibiotic drug resistance. Since joining BALSA, Tabbetha has contributed to over 6 projects and is now serving as a Project Manager. We asked Tabbetha to tell us more about why she joined BALSA and what she values most about her BALSA experiences.


In her own words:

What motivated you to join BALSA?
I initially joined BALSA to investigate alternative career paths to that of academia for PhD-level scientists.

What have you learned by working on BALSA projects?
BALSA has introduced me business concepts such as market research as well as helped me improve more tangible skills such as public speaking and networking. Additionally, I feel I now have a platform to continue to develop these skills even further with each additional project throughout graduate school. Furthermore, I value the peers I have met and friends I made in BALSA while working to towards the common goal of completing a project of excellent work. 

What did you hope to accomplish by working with BALSA? Were these goals fulfilled?
Upon joining BALSA, I hoped to gain transferable professional skills and to be challenged and grow as an individual and scientist. Each BALSA project fulfills these goals as each engagement involves a new technology, different aims for the client, and a new set of peers to learn from and grow with.
What do you envision your career in 3-5 years and how do you think our BALSA experience will help with your goal?
Upon graduation, I aim to work in consulting or in pharmaceuticals. BALSA has opened my eyes to the possibility of these career paths as well as provided me with business and problem solving skills that will aid me in achieving this goal.