Shiv Shah

The BALSA Group is excited to reconnect with BALSA alum, Shivam Shah, PhD!  During his time with BALSA, Shiv contributed as an officer for three consecutive years, including one term as BALSA President, and completed over twenty projects. We asked Shiv to share his past experiences in BALSA and how BALSA impacts his career. We thank him for his contribution to BALSA and hope for his success in all his future endeavors!

Please describe your experience with the BALSA Group.
I joined BALSA as a 2nd year PhD student after informally meeting some of the organization's leadership. I did not anticipate getting as involved as I did: serving as Director of Finance, Vice President, and President. Each year, role, and consulting project had unique elements that taught me something new.

What do you do now? What does a typical day on the job look like?
I am currently a Consultant in the Information Management and Analytics practice area at Slalom.  Most of my work days start around 8a and end around 5p. A majority of the time is spent at the client site working in teams ranging from two to eight people. My practice area focuses on helping clients improve their data governance and management policies, increase their data analytics and data visualization capabilities, and empowering business units to better maintain and leverage all their data related to customers and employees.

How did your experience in BALSA impact your career?
My experience in BALSA impacted my career primarily by narrowing the litany of options available after graduate school down to a few different career tracks. Through BALSA, I learned what I am good at and what skills need further development. That acquired knowledge was helpful in determining what sort of role suited me best. By working on a large number and variety of project teams in BALSA, I gained a comfort with different personalities and approaches to achieving project aims. This comfort allows me to quickly contribute meaningfully to project teams at Slalom.

Any advice you would like to share with current and prospective BALSA members?
I'd encourage BALSA members to continue to seek different experiences within the organization. Through challenging themselves and putting themselves in new and perhaps uncomfortable situations BALSA members can determine what working environment and career fits them best.