The BALSA Foundation 2018 Updates


The end of the year is a great time to highlight our special relationship with The BALSA Foundation. We asked Mike Bynum, the newly elected executive director, to share his incoming message and mission to continue supporting start-up businesses in St. Louis.

"Greetings BALSA  Foundation Family, BALSA Group, Volunteers and friends of our great organization!  

I'm honored to continue working with the BALSA Foundation as the Executive Director.
I first must thank Aziz Traore for allowing me to come into the organization as a volunteer and entrusting me with responsibilities such as Idea Support and the BALSA Grant.   I truly enjoyed connecting with applicants and helping them through our process.

I am happy to take on a new challenge and try my best to fill Aziz's very large shoes!  In the spirit of keeping things simple, I've outlined our priorities as follows:

1.  Improve the Entrepreneurs BALSA Foundation Experience :

  • All BALSA Grant Finalists

  • Entrepreneur's Road Map

  • Idea Support

2.  Improve our partner's BALSA Foundation Experience:

  • The BALSA Group 

  • St. Louis Impact Initiative

  • BALSA Volunteers: Idea Supporters; Grant Screening Volunteers; Grant Reviewers

3.  Execute BALSA Foundations Strategic Plan:

  • Grow our Organization

  • Increase our community presence through partnerships

  • Leverage our Data to enhance and improve our impact on the community

According to Forbes, St. Louis is the #2 on the list of best cities for start-ups.  Let's continue our charge and make St. Louis the #1 destination for start-ups! "

Mike Bynum, Executive Director, The BALSA Foundation